Sunday, 14 September 2014

Clumsy Kate's Summer Season Re-cap

Last weekend was my last big show of the year. L I love doing the weekenders, they are hard work but loads of fun, and always an excuse to hang out with some lovely talented designer makers who I share stalls with. Here’s a little round up of the 5 big shows I did this year…

It was Atomic’s first year, and so I was a little unsure what to expect. I shared a stall with the lovely Dolly Cool and Kalandra Jane Designs. We were so lucky to experience glorious sunshine given that it was the first weekend in May.

There was such a fantastic selection of cars and vintage caravans as far as the eye could see! Plus we could see the drag racing and funny cars from our stall! I was in heaven! And I went to my first ever Poodle Parade...
Then, to top it off Johnny from Lipstick and Gearstick Kustom took me for a quick drive in his prize winning Hot Rod. What a great end to a fantastic weekend.

It was a last minute decision to book a stall at the Hipsville Weekender at the end of May. Myself and my boyfriend Nik were supposed to be going to Germany for Kustom Kulture Forever, but unfortunately our travel plans fell through.

Hipsville more than made up for it. What a cool show! Everyone dressed up in a 60s b-movie theme on the Saturday night and then on the Sunday loads of cool cars turned up! It’s held in the same venue as the Hayride but it’s a much smaller more intimate show, and the atmosphere reminded me a bit of how the Hayride used to be a few years ago. A really chilled out weekend and a great party!

I’d never been to Inkfest before and was invited by Dolly Cool to share a stall. Loads of great bands played, and our stall was positioned so we could see the bands whilst selling! We did get a bit tipsy and have a boogie behind the stall! 
This was a really fun weekend and great to hang out with Clare and re-live our dancing days back when I lived in Manchester! I also got to meet her fab new Bedford Rascal van.

The Hayride is my favourite show of the year. I love the venue, I love the people, I love the cars, and we always have a really busy weekend on the stall. Once again I was sharing with Dolly Cool and Kalandra Jane and we started off the weekend with a BBQ on Von Leadfoot’s stall, and a catch up with old friends.

Clare kindly watched the stall for us on Saturday and myself and Kally got a ride in a 50s Chevy Truck to the dirt track where we caught some racing! 
On Saturday night we hung out in front of the pavilion, having a few drinks and a lot of laughs, and I even came away with a new nickname…Bumsy (don’t ask).

On Sunday I managed to squeeze in a slightly hungover photoshoot with the wonderful Tracey Ryan and photographer Nick Grant, before heading home with a big smile on my face and a head full of memories!

Last but defiantly not least was The Trip Out, last weekend. The Trip Out is quite different to the other shows I sell at, but it’s defiantly one of my favourites. The event is held on a really beautiful farm called Scald End, near Bedford. This time I was sharing with my fella, Nik (Skumbags), and the Pinstriper Von Leadfoot, seen below in their natural habitat...

It’s a really chilled out show and we spent most of the time just hanging out by the stall eating donuts (we ended up with about 60 donuts from Sainsburies, as you do). In the evenings we went to the farm shop and bought burgers and sausages and had a BBQ. It was really relaxing and such a beautiful setting to be trading in, with hot air balloons waking us up in the mornings.

There were loads of vintage bikes and cool cars from the 50s, 60s and 70s. I even ended up with an awesome Harley taking cover under our gazebo for a while. My inner 11 year old came out to play, and I had to pose for a picture! A fantastic end to a great show season.

This Autumn and Winter I have plenty of events lined up, including Stamford Secret Vintage Fair, Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, and The Mid Century Market. Hopefully I’ll see you all somewhere along the way!

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