Monday, 14 October 2013

Welcome and some exciting news about Kustom Kulture Forever 2014

Welcome to my new blog. I will try to keep things updated on a regular basis! Sometimes exciting things happen and I get so overwhelmed I forget to post about them! :)

But here is something really exciting to start off with. I've received my invitation to be in the Kustom Kulture Forever art show today. It will be my 3rd year exhibiting and selling at the show and it is far and away my favourite show to trade at! This year, 2013, the show got a new name (it was formally Bottrop Kustom Kulture), and it got a new venue. The venue is a fantastic abandoned mine and factory near Herten in Germany. This new venue has allowed the show to evolve and introduce an impressive bike area and a whole building dedicated to tattoo artists. Throw into the mix some awesome cars, the cream of the crop of Kustom Artists from Germany, USA, Japan and all over the world, plus alot of rowdy Europeans, and you get the biggest Kustom Kulture party in Europe.

If you have been planning on going and never made the trip I would definatly recommend going next year. Its a fun trip across europe, the ferry is dirt cheep and you can stop off at Bruges on the way!

Here are a couple more pictures of the venue, I am no photographer so it might be worth heading to their facebook page if you would like to see more! :)