Sunday, 26 January 2014

Clumsy Web Shopping Questionnare

Lots of exciting things are happening at Clumsy towers, and I am trying to develop my business so I can bring you more exciting and unique products. Over the next few months I’ll be doing some research into what you, my fabulous customers, really want! And I’ll be thanking those who help me with a series of discounts and special offers.

Please take a look at the questions below, and copy and paste them with your answers in an email to

I will then email you back with your own personal thankyou code.

Thanks in advance, your help and input is always greatfully received.

If you haven’t visited my website before, please take a look at before 

1-    Have you ever brought a product from me before, and if so was it online or in person?

2-    Do you ever buy from independent online stores? (not amazon, asos etc, stores like mine).

3-    When searching for products/websites like mine, what keywords do you type in to google?

4-    What would you type in to google if you specifically wanted to find my website?

5-    Please list 5 words you would use to describe my products.

6-    When buying online, which of the following are most important to you? Please rate them in order of importance 1-5. 1 being very important, 5 being not important.
-       Price
-       Design
-       Cost of shipping
-       Individuality/limited edition products
-       Made in the UK

7-    Which social networks do you visit on a regular basis (ie more than once a week). Please place in order, 1 being the most visited, 6 being the least visited.
-       Instagram
-       Facebook
-       Twitter
-       Pintrest
-       Google+
-       Blogs
-       Other (please state)

8-    Do you visit any specialist online forums/blogs on a regular basis. If so please list.

9-    Which magazines do you read on a regular basis? (ie more than once a year)

10-Which car shows/tattoo conventions/festivals do you visit?

11-Would you say you pay attention to facebook/instagram posts from small businesses, or do you just scroll on past (please be honest).

12-If you would like to be added to my new mailing list please say “Aye!” I will not be spamming continuously, it will be monthly and packed with exclusive designs, and discount codes.

13-If you would like to receive a 20% off discount code to use at as a thankyou for your time, please say “Aye!”

Thankyou very much! J

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Clumsy Customer Pics

I just love it when people share photos of their Clumsy goodies on Facebook and Instagram. So I have decided I will share my favorites with you all!

Here is a fabulous picture taken by Charlotte Thomson-Morley of her custom Black colourway of my Atomic Cats cushion. I just love how it matches her interior. This colourway will be on the website soon, but is currently available in Mint.

This picture is soooo cute! Check out this adorable pooch Ada, who belongs to Fi from Make Do and Vend, with one of my Cream Homeward Bound cushions. Now in the sale!
I love both of these pictures, and would love to see any others people have of their Clumsy items in their new home. Just email them to or tag me on Instagram as @clumsykate . Or if facebook is more your thing, you can post a picture to the wall of my fanpage!