Tuesday, 24 March 2015

NEW Vintage Inspired Mug Range

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you may have seen my new Clumsy print mugs. I am really pleased with the excellent quality and the fact that they are manufactured in the UK. I have released 4 designs all inspired by Mid Century and Vintage prints, with my own Clumsy twist.

The first design is probably my favorite. Based on one of my best selling cushion prints, the Tiki Island mug has all the hallmark Clumsy things; Pineapples, Tikis, Palm trees and Sock Monkeys! Whether you use it to drink your morning coffee or down some rum on a Friday night, it's up to you! As you can see, this little fella can hold his own with some of the big boys of the Tiki Mug world...
The second design I released features one of my favorite characters, my little cactus riding a pinata! I collect vintage Mexicana, so i've presented it here with one of my little vintage Mexican men! His sombrero matches the Mexican Print mug perfectly!
Third to be released is a new print featuring adorable 1950s style poodles. This print will be featuring on many new accessories including hair ties, bags and a skirt, as part of my new Spring range. Here I present the Poodle Print Mug!
Last but not least, and also featuring a new print, is the Under The Sea Mug! I love this print and I can't wait to release all of the other items in this design. The octopus featured in the print is something I have been drawing for a few years now. His name is Bert, and I will be writing a blog post all about him very soon. But for now... here's the mug...

These mugs are dishwasher safe, and come securely wrapped in bubble wrap and inside a special box. At the moment I am offering them at an introductory price of £8 which will o up to £10 in May. Find them all on my Clumsy Kate website before stocks run out!

I'll leave you with this lovely feedback left on Etsy, which made me very proud :) ...

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